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Residential Property Insurance

We all expect our homeowners insurance policy to protect from unforeseen events. However, when the time comes to make a claim, some homeowners find out that their insurance company is just looking out for themselves. 

If you have made a residential property insurance claim and have been disappointed by your insurance company, we may be able to help. It’s important to know you have options and we’ll help you understand them.

Commercial Property Insurance

When you are running a business, it takes your full attention. You trust your insurance company has your back if there is an unexpected loss. Families depend on you and count on business being uninterrupted. While thats not always possible your insurance company should be supporting you and getting you back to normal. Unfortunately, we hear of many stories where the insurance company becomes part of the problem rather than the solution. If you would like to explore you legals options, we can help

Homeowners Insurance

Not all Homeowners Insurance policies are created equal. Over time, insurance companies have modified their agreements to minimize their loss exposure in the event of an act of God or someone’s negligence. It can be frustrating and devastating to be stuck with large bills only after spending years of paying inflated premiums. When you finally need your insurance company, they may not be there for you. We can help you push that claim through.

Hotel Damage

Being an owner of a hotel present numerous risks not found in other businesses. As a result, we recommend taking a good look at your policy and see if it covers such specific instances like, liquor liability, mold, crime, spoilage and even cyber loss. If you have run into any of these issues or more, call us for a complimentary consultation. Insurance companies love to find exemptions. We’ll hold them accountable.

Condominium Property Insurance

Filing a condominium property insurance claim can be more complicated than a single family home. It may seem like an overwhelming experience to navigate the condo association bylaws,, and state and federal requirements. We can help you break this complicated task into a clear plan forward.

Our process will help you determine the coverage you have, do any necessary investigations and ultimately witl with your association board to get to the fair settlement you deserve.

Hurricane claims

Picking up the pieces and returning to your normal life after a hurricane loss is part of life in Florida and Georgia. Most of our clients have paid insurance premiums for years on the change that mother nature may pay them an unwelcome visit.

The last headache you need is to be fighting with your insurance company over denying a claim or giving you less than you deserve to make you whole.

Using a process we have developed over many years, we can be an advocate for you to put pressure on-and litigate if necessary the insurance company to do what is right. As quickly as possible.

Fire Claims

Few disasters are as terrifying as a house fire. Imagine everything you have ever worked for destroyed. Even irreplaceable family heirlooms and keepsakes gone. The pain of not being able to view those precious family photos will haunt you for a lifetime. While there is no amount of money that will bring those things back, we can focus on you getting back to normal. That will take swift cooperation from your insurance company. We’re here to help.

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