Brooke Padgett

     A former licensed nurse, Brooke Padgett recently became a paralegal in the constantly expanding universe of Bush Law Group’s legal team. Her extensive background in triaging patients helps keep the BLG engine running smoothly with her problem-solving methods. Although organization and process are not Brooke’s only passions, they help drive her desire to see things done right for our clients. Brooke has settled very comfortably into the Litigation team where she owns the firm record for sending the most emails in one day. The Defendant often lays down their sword just to avoid another email request for their deposition or hearing dates.

     There is no doubting Brooke’s general smiling nature, but it masks an off-beat sense of humor and wicked delight in the ridiculous. We’re onto her, but it took a while. Brooke’s the one ticking the boxes on deadlines as documents and dollars fly in every direction. She also happens to have a law degree herself and plans to take the Florida Bar Exam in 2021. Brooke is experienced in all things relating to property insurance, and literally drafts discovery in her sleep.





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